Engineered to get you the lowest rate. 

Empowering you to save the most money on your mortgage refinance by replacing the expense of a sales agent with intuitive technology. Save more, do it yourself. That’s SELFi.

We get it. You want the lowest rate. Let us guide you there.

Why pay a big commission when all you want to do is refinance? You may not realize it, but you pay that commission indirectly through the interest rate. Empowering you to check interest rates and apply online enables us to operate at industry low margins and pass the savings back to you.

Can I SELFi?

How do I SELFi?

1. Compare interest rates

Input your criteria and see 100% accurate rates from reputable lenders, like Quicken Loans. No more annoying sales calls! We use an algorithm to match your criteria with the lender offering the lowest wholesale interest rates. These are not the same rates offered directly to you. 

2. One Application

Our intuitive application enables you to apply online quickly and securely. After you apply, you won’t receive a million phone calls because we never sell your data! After applying, you will receive Loan Estimates from the lowest rate lenders. 

3. Close your refinance

After you e-sign initial disclosures, your application is managed by an experienced mortgage coach who guides you every step of the way. By empowering you to choose your rate and apply online, we eliminate our sales costs and pass the savings to you.

Our most frequent question: What’s the catch?

“SELFi got me a .5% lower rate with Quicken Loans than what Quicken offered me directly.” 

– Ardavan D., CA

“I shopped around and SELFi offered the best rate. Better Mortgage was unable to match.” 

– Melissa T., CA

“It was very easy to apply online and refi was quick. We closed in a few weeks!”

– Carlos P., CA

Born from Experience

We believe banks and brokers charge too much on refinances. So we are leveraging our years of mortgage experience to deliver a new way to refinance that is better, faster, cheaper.

We’re serious about security and use industry standards to ensure your personal information is securely stored.  We do not sell your information.

SELFi is a licensed corporation by NMLS.
Our NMLS ID # is 1724835.

We exist to save you money. Period.

SELFi was created to help homeowners not just save money, but to save the most money on their refinance. Many mortgage companies talk of service, but we believe the best way we can serve you is to empower and educate you, not keep you in the dark.

Ready to find your lowest rate?