As CEO of SELFi, I continuously explain to skeptical borrowers that they can get a lower interest rate from Quicken Loans through SELFi than working directly with Quicken Loans / Rocket Mortgage.

Now, we’re guaranteeing it.

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about our guarantee:


What is the guarantee?

We guarantee that you will receive a lower APR with Quicken Loans by applying through SELFi than if you were to apply directly with Quicken Loans.

If we’re wrong, we will make your first mortgage payment.

It’s that simple.


How can we guarantee?

Quicken Loans is a premier partner of SELFi and they provide us their wholesale interest rates, which are much lower than the rates provided directly to you.

SELFi then empowers you to shop and apply online, which enables us to drive down our cost and pass the savings back to you. This results in lower interest rates.

We encourage you to compare!

And again, if we’re wrong, we’ll make your first mortgage payment.

“If we’re wrong, we’ll make your first mortgage payment.”

Is the service worse?

It’s not, it’s likely better.

During the mortgage application process, your mortgage is managed by both Quicken Loans and an independent SELFi Mortgage Coach.

I believe Mortgage Coaches should focus on advice, not sales. That’s why we empower the consumer to compare interest rates.

SELFi Mortgage Coaches must have 3 years of experience, closed over 100 transactions, and be college educated. Quicken Loans does not have experience or education requirements for its loan officers.

After the mortgage closes, your loan is managed by Quicken Loans’ award-winning servicing department, just as if you were to apply directly with them. You can make payments automatically through an app and set-up bi-weekly payments for free.

And if there is an issue with Quicken Loans, or another lender is offering more competitive rates, SELFi can help you apply elsewhere without re-running your credit.


How is SELFi compensated?

SELFi is paid by Quicken Loans. Since we empower you to shop and apply online, our lender-paid compensation is 1/4 the industry average, and we pass those savings back to you.

You do not pay SELFi a dime.


So if I get the same service at a much lower rate, why doesn’t everyone apply with Quicken Loans through SELFi?

I ask myself the same thing everyday. That’s why I view SELFi as an education company.

People are just unaware.

7 Steps to SELFi

Get a lower interest rate with Quicken Loans through SELFi than working directly with them. Guaranteed.

What are the terms and conditions? 

  1. “Lower APR” means annual percentage rate which considers the interest rate in addition to the cost of credit.
  2. Offer is only valid in states where SELFi is licensed.
  3. Offer is only valid on mortgage products that Quicken Loans offers to both its retail and wholesale channel.
  4. To submit an offer, borrower must (1) Provide Loan Estimate from Quicken Loans retail channel to (2) Borrower must apply with SELFi Mortgage Coach Joseph Flannery within 2 business days of the Loan Estimate being issued by Quicken Loans retail. (3) if the Loan Estimate from Quicken Loans through SELFi is not at a lower interest rate at the same or reduced costs, or the same interest rate at lower closing costs, the borrower can claim offer.
  5.  To claim offer, borrower must (1) Fund their loan with Quicken Loans retail. (2) Present closing disclosure and final note from funded loan within 15 days of funding. SELFi will then write a check made out to the borrower for the amount of their monthly principal and interest payment.
  6. SELFi reserves the right to rescind or modify the terms of this offer without prior notice.

Lower Mortgage Rate Guarantee

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