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Compare Home Insurance Providers

Compare and receive rates in 15 minutes from 3 providers that SELFi stands behind. See which one can save you the most on your home insurance based on your unique needs and situation.

Home Equity Investment by Point

Point Digital Finance is an innovative solutions to accessing your home equity without adding debt. It’s especially valuable for homeowners that have difficulty qualifying for cash-out refinance. Use the funds to pay off debt or improve your home. And when you’re ready, you can always refinance to pay Point off. 

Personal Loans by Even Financial

Get your personalized loan offers without affecting your credit score in 4 easy steps, and find the right personal loan for you.

Money Management App by Empower

Crush your financial goals. Managing your money can be the easiest thing you do all day. Earn, save, and spend more wisely with a personalized financial expert in your pocket. Join over 650,000 people who’ve downloaded the Empower app to master their money.

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