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We’re not a bank or a traditional broker, we’re a modern mortgage marketplace.

SELFi receives wholesale mortgage rates from lenders such as Rocket Mortgage, which are lower than working directly with the bank or lender. 

Can I SELFi?

Comparison Websites
Online Lenders
Big Banks
Wholesale mortgage rates from Trusted Lenders Rarely
Customized mortgage rate quotes not requiring a phone # Rarely Sometimes
No phone calls from numerous pushy sales people Sometimes
Mortgage Coaches not sales agents
Speciality Financing Solutions
Wholesale Interest Rates from Trusted Lenders
Customized mortgage rate quotes not requiring a phone #
No phone calls from multiple pushy sales people
Mortgage Coaches not sales agents
Speciality Finance Solutions
Comparison Websites
Wholesale Mortgage Rates Rarely
Customized Rates without a phone number Sometimes
Expert mortgage brokers for special circumstances Rarely

Online Lenders

Customized mortgage rate quotes without providing a phone number Rarely
No phone calls from multiple pushy sales people
Refinance Mortgage Coaches
Specialty financing solutions

Big Banks

Refinance Mortgage Coaches
Customized online mortgage quotes without providing a phone number Sometimes
No phone calls from multiple pushy sales people


Why SELFi?

1. Lower Interest Rates

How? It’s the combination of two things: 1) we receive wholesale interest rates which are not available working directly with lenders; 2) we empower you to shop and apply online enabling us to operate at lower margins and pass the savings back.

2. Incredible Service

As a Top 20 Broker in U.S., SELFi receives expedited underwriting support. 70% of our loans close in 15 days or less, fastest in the industry. We strive to educate, not sell. We do that with a mix of online tools and your licensed SELFi Mortgage Coach

3. Radical Transparency

Unlike other mortgage sites, you don’t get a million phone calls from aggressive sales agents. Instead, our site provide rate details and loan costs upfront, and our Mortgage Coaches break it all down for you.

Rocket Mortgage Top 20 Broker

SELFi was #17 of 10,000+ mortgage brokers with Rocket Mortgage in 2020

What do our customers think of us?

We are driven by our mission and our borrowers know this firsthand – to help you pay the least amount possible for your mortgage, fully understand the process, and reach financial freedom sooner.


“I will admit I was skeptical at first. I remember asking “what was the catch?” No catch. Everything was truthful. I would honestly recommend using SELFi.”

- Lisa K., FL



“Refinancing through SELFi is the best financial choice I've made in 2019. ”

- Wanjie Z., CA


“I shopped for the best deal on my refinance with Chase, Better.com, BlueBrick and it was through SELFi that got me the best rate and lowest PMI."

- Prassana W., CA

Born from Experience

We started SELFi after being disappointed by other mortgage sites. Non-stop calls, aggressive sales tactics, bait and switched on rates. There had to be better way! We believe its putting YOU in control.

We’re serious about security and use bank standards to ensure your personal information is securely stored. 

Our mission is to help you achieve financial freedom sooner.

Whether it’s saving you money by paying less interest, finding a solution when banks cannot, or helping you purchase your dream home, we are here to help.

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