Lifting the curtain on mortgage lending

SELFi vs. Better Mortgage: Who’s better?

Here's how SELFi compares to Better Mortgage: 1. Interest Rates Let's cut right to the chase. First, how the business models differ: SELFi is a marketplace that shops wholesale interest rates across 30 lending partners, using an algorithm to match the lowest rate...

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How to buy a home in Oakland with 3% down

Often the biggest misconception of first-time home-buyers is the down payment. Some think it’s 20%, others think it’s 0%. Here's the real deal: For mortgages $484,350 and below, there are two programs called HomeReady and HomePossible. There are some minor differences...

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SELFi vs. LendingTree: Comparison

Everyone knows that comparison shopping saves them money, yet when it comes to mortgages, many people don't. According to a report by the CFPB and Federal Housing Agency, 50% of consumers failed to shop around with mortgage companies before applying. Furthermore,...

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Ready to find your lowest rate?

SELFi empowers you to save the most money on your new home purchase or mortgage refinance.

DIY Refi

  • Lowest interest rates in the market
  • Online application
  • Quick service

Second Look

  • Solutions for tough to qualify
  • Independent mortgage advice
  • Loans down to 500 credit score

Low Down Payment

  • 5% down Jumbo, no PMI
  • Independent mortgage advice
  • Underwritten pre-approval

Do you know about wholesale interest rates?

I always tell people, the biggest competition for SELFi is consumer misunderstanding. The more knowledgeable a customer, the more likely SELFi will earn his or her business. So we are in the education business just as much as the mortgage business. And here is one of...

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