Your dream home is closer than you think.

With 30 lenders in our marketplace, SELFi has access to over 1,000 programs, many of which require less money down than mortgages from large banks.

Stop waiting and start home shopping.

Get pre-approved today. 

Your path home starts here:

We’re experts in low down payment mortgage options:

5% down

Jumbo mortgage, no PMI, loan amounts up to $2M

3% down

A conventional mortgage with reduced PMI

3.5% down

FHA loans available to 580+ credit scores

10% down

FHA loans with credit scores 500 – 579

15% down

Bank statement program for Self-Employed

20% down

Investor cash-flow

SELFi combines technology and expertise to find mortgage solutions tailored to you.

It’s the best of both worlds. Check rates and apply online. Expert guidance when you need it. 

How it works

1. Get Pre-approved

With 30 lenders in our marketplace and over 1,000 loan programs, we are able to get you pre-approved to buy a home when banks cannot. If you are not ready to be pre-approved, we will devise a plan so that you can be pre-approved in the future. Whether it’s next month, or next year, we are committed to helping you buy a home.

2. Shop for homes

After your loan is pre-approved you and realtor can begin shopping for homes. Fun! We keep you up-to-date on your mortgage. For some loans, you can lock and shop. If rates go down, you can float to a lower interest rate. If rates go up, your interest rate is already locked in.

3. Close your loan and get your house keys

We NEVER sell your data. Instead we combine technology and independent mortgage experts to efficiently close your loan. An independent mortgage coach guides you every step of the way and is available to answer any and all questions. You do not pay SELFi a dime, we are compensated by the lender.

Our most frequent question: What’s the catch?

“I will admit I was skeptical at first. I remember asking “what was the catch?” No catch. Everything was truthful. I would honestly recommend using SELFi.”

– Lisa K., FL

“I was kept abreast of everything that was happening with my refinance and saved a lot of money. Trust me, you won’t regret the choice to use SELFi. ”

– Lakeita D., FL

“SELFi was able to help me refinance when every lender said no. I paid off all my credit cards and repaired my windows.”

– Michael F., CO

Trusted. Experienced. Secure.

SELFi is a digital mortgage broker and a licensed corporation. Our NMLS ID # is 1724835.

The founder of SELFi has helped over 1,000 homeowners complete a mortgage transaction.

We’re serious about security and use bank level standards to ensure your personal information is securely stored.

We do not sell your information. We do not call you non-stop. We never bait and switch.

Low down payment options tailored to your unique situation. 

SELFi helps home buyers achieve their dream home. With access to thousands of loan programs, we can often find a solution where banks and lenders cannot.

Ready to find your lowest rate?