Mortgage Coaches

Mortgage experts. Deal finders. Trusted guides.

The Mortgage Coaches at SELFi work 1-on-1 with you to answer your loan questions, find the best rates and loan packages, and help you make a great, informed decision on your refinance.

Our Mortgage Coaches

Joseph Flannery

5.0 rating

San Francisco, CA

9 yrs experience | Licensed in CA, CO, FL, TX | NMLS ID# 791180

In addition to being the CEO of SELFi, Joseph is an active mortgage coach. He is focused on providing tangible value to his clients: lower interest rates, more options, better advice.


Erica Zepko

5.0 rating

Oakland, CA

5 yrs experience | Licensed in CA | NMLS ID# 1301941

As a lifelong idealist, Erica became an attorney so she could use her voice to effectuate positive social change. Erica entered the mortgage industry having seen firsthand the devastating effects of the housing crisis through her private practice. She specializes in finding solutions for complex transactions and loves to beat big banks on interest rates.

Ben Glatt

5.0 rating

San Francisco, CA

1 yrs experience | Licensed in CA | NMLS ID# 1916076

Ben decided to obtain his mortgage license after experience first-hand the challenges with mortgage comparison shopping. After finding SELFi, he wanted to be apart of the mission to help others pay less mortgage interest and reach their financial goals sooner. Ben is applying his experience from the tech industry to bring transparency to his client’s mortgage application experience.

Raul Ramirez

5.0 rating

Pittsburg, CA

17 yrs experience | Licensed in CA | NMLS ID# 952652

Raul is applying his experience as a real estate agent, mortgage loan officer, and apraisal inspector to help SELFi members get the best terms on financing. Proir to SELFi, Raul was a top-producing banker at Bank of America. He joined SELFi after seeing first-hand the inefficienies that exist with big banks and is inspired to streamline the process and help customers save more money on their mortgage. Raul is fluent in Spanish.

Patrick Dolan

5.0 rating

Santa Maria, CA

1 yrs experience | Licensed in CA | NMLS ID# 1955540

Pat has spent the last 6 years as a real estate agent and saw first-hand the confusion, cost, and difficulty getting a mortgage. Pat found SELFi as a customer himself and was impressed with the speed, transparency, and low interest rates. This inspired him to apply his real estate knowledge to help home-buyers and homeowners get a better deal on their mortgage.

Adam Yinger

5.0 rating

San Jose, CA

1 yrs experience | Licensed in CA | NMLS ID# 1978340

Adam joined SELFi after being a customer himself. After refinancing his mortgage through SELFi and saving thousands of dollars compared with applying with a direct lender or bank, he recognized the opportunity to help others refinance and reach their financial goals sooner. 

Kevin Heney

0.0 rating

Sacramento, CA

1 yrs experience | Licensed in CA | NMLS ID# 1958057

After 30 years as a marketing executive in Silicon Valley, Kevin joined SELFi to improve the finacial lives of his clients and help them reach financial independence sooner.

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