Ben Glatt

San Francisco, CA

NMLS# 1916076

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1 years of mortgage experience.

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B.A. University of California, Santa Cruz.

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5.0 rating
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Ben joined SELFi because he is passionate about the company’s mission to help every homeowner pay less mortgage interest. He found SELFi after a frustrating experience shopping for his own refinance and now wants to educate others about the power of comparison shopping and wholesale interest rates.

Ben is applying his time spent in Silicon Valley to bring greater transparency to the mortgage process, along with his authentic desire to help homeowners get the best deal. 

Client Reviews

5.0 rating
September 10, 2020

I have refinanced my Home with Ben and This is my First time for a Refinance on Home Mortgage. Ben have explained me all the things right from zero till the end; I have asked him very silly and basic Questions and He did not hesitate to explain me, the experience with him was Wonderful. He took care of every paper work and it went pretty Smooth. The whole process was online and it was seamless. I am super satisfied with Ben’s work and his Professionalism. Great Work!
– Tara

Tara Koppolu
5.0 rating
August 14, 2020

I recently did a cash-out refi with Ben of my primary home mortgage. Ben was very methodical in explaining the process and clarifying the goals I had. The process itself was one of the most transparent ones that I have seen and Ben was open to continually answer every basic questions or concern I had. Also, there were some delays caused by my HoA that Ben stepped in and unblocked immediately instead of “waiting & updating”. Of course, rates and costs were the other pieces that went per initial plan. Overall, I loved the process and working with Ben and have already recommended him to three other friends.

Sundar S
5.0 rating
July 18, 2020

Ben was referred to us by a friend. The entire refi process was smooth, simple and easy. Despite the pandemic, there were no hiccups. Ben is super responsive and he is very friendly and easy to work with.

Joe S
5.0 rating
May 6, 2020

A friend recommended Ben to me when they learned my wife and I were considering a refinance and I’m so glad that they did. Working directly with Ben to accomplish our goals was a pleasure. He was available and accessible, patiently answering my MANY questions over the course of the process. The pricing he offered was extremely competitive and transparent. It was clear that he really was an advocate for us to get the best possible rate. What’s more he was friendly and upbeat throughout. Thanks Ben!

5.0 rating
April 9, 2020

Ben made the entire refinance process easy, effective and transparent. Each step was intuitive and he readily answered any questions we had. We were quoted an unbeatable rate with no surprises. Ben really has created a model that other companies would be wise to replicate- putting the power back with the borrower in an open, transparent and fair way.

5.0 rating
April 2, 2020

Refinance?! Sounds complicated. My wife and I were initially hesitant to embark on the process of refinancing and then we had a conversation with Ben. He was incredibly measured, described the entire process in detail and promised a rate that was incredibly attractive. He delivered on everything. The process was smooth and we were amazed at how quickly things moved. Within a few weeks we were able to complete the process and are now saving almost 15% a month. Booyah!

5.0 rating
April 1, 2020

First time refinancing my home and it couldn’t have been any easier. When I originally bought my home, working with my mortgage company was a nightmare. My experience this time was the complete opposite. Ben was able to lower my interest rate by over 1.5% and was very thorough throughout the entire process. He kept me updated on the market and was able to provide pertinent information before we decided to close.

Chris Boscacci
5.0 rating
March 21, 2020

I had refinanced just a few months earlier before I was put in touch with Ben. Initially I was a bit skeptical that he could get the new loan at the promised rate for “no costs”. However, as the disclosures started coming in it became apparent that that’s exactly what was happening. The process, almost entirely electronic, was completely painless, and from initial loan application to the signing of loan docs took barely two weeks. As someone who has refinanced many times over the years, I was thoroughly impressed with Ben’s professionalism and the product he delivered as promised!

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